Casio CT-X3000 and CT-X5000 Differences Explained

While they look similar, there are some significant differences in these two models besides price. In this video, Mike Martin explains nine significant feature differences between the CT-X3000 and CT-X5000.

Don’t have 3 minutes to watch the video? Here are the 9 differences in a nutshell:
  1. Speaker System: The most noticeable difference between CT-X3000 is 12W and the CT-X5000 is an amazing 30W!! 
  2. Battery Power: They both come with power supplies but the CT-X5000 is the only model in the CT-X lineup that can’t run on batteries due to the higher amplification.
  3. User Rhythms:The CT-X3000 has 50 User Rhythms, while the CT-X5000 has 100 User Rhythms. 
  4. Direct Access Category Buttons:The CT-X5000 provides quicker access to tones and rhythms with 16 buttons for direct access to categories.
  5. Connectivity:The CT-X5000 adds 1/4″ Left/Right Line Outputs and a Mic Input with access to the system effects.
  6. Assignable Modulation Button:The CT-X5000 also has an assignable button for tone vibrato or real-time effects control like rotary speaker.
  7. Backlit Registration Buttons:For easier viewing on stage the 8 Registration buttons are backlit on the CT-X5000.
  8. System Effects:The CT-X5000 offers more Reverb, Chorus and Delay choices.
  9. System EQ:They both have EQ presets but the CT-X5000 adds a programmable System EQ.

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